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So, I need to clear out these corsets if I can more than ever for puppy hospital bills. :( If you are at all interested, PLEASE contact me at sainte [DOT] dj @ gmail [DOT] com

First is a GORGEOUS corset by Sweet Carousel. This is the sweetheart longline style, in a standard 32", hot pink butterfly fabric with black bone casings and a high back. I have two corsets in pink (surprise, surprise), but I don't wear this as often as I thought I would. Gives a fantastic shape and is super comfortable to wear.


BUST - 40"
WAIST - 32"
HIPS - 40"
BUSK - 14"
BACK - 16"
SIDE - 14"

I would like $100 or best offer for this one, as it is practically new and retails at about $350.

Next is a corset I have sold on here before and then re-purchased for sentimental reasons, and now need to sell again as it just doesn't fit me right (the bust is simply too big- even though the measurements are right, I'm just too squishy). The corset was made by BlackRayne (when she was still making corsets readily), and has been a true corset friend. It does have a slight discoloration at the bottom of the busk, although it is not really noticeable to the naked eye.


BUST - 42"
WAIST - 32"
HIP - 36" (does not go over the hips entirely)
BUSK - 15"
BACK - 14"

I would like $50 for this corset.
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